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I’m very delightful to meet our customers and netizens through the internet.      

DAEWON Chemical was established in 1974 and has grown to the leader of manufacturers of Polyurethane synthetic leather and wallpaper in Korea.

Actually, DAEWON Chemical introduced high-quality synthetic leather utilizing “wet” process manufacturing in Korea at the time of establishment in 1974. Since then, recognized for its outstanding technology and know-how, the company has been maintaining a leading role in the artificial leather industry, supplying materials to the world’s leading sporting goods companies, including Nike, Wilson and Adidas.
In addition, DAEWON has been a leading supplier of a wide variety of artificial leather for garment, footwear and furniture, among other items, to numerous companies across the nation, based on its superior technology. Especially, DAEWON Chemical has launched car interior business market, we have been supplying high-end artificial leather to major car maker such as HYUNDAI, GM DAEWOO and KIA motors companies.

DAEWON Chemical is also proud of its wallpaper business. Our wallpaper business management motto has been “Challenge and Creative”, to guide new concept of residence and environment friendly wallpaper products to our customers. With “didwallpaper” company, a subsidiary company of DAEWON Chemical, we awarded “The Best design Award” and “The Best Seller Award”.
We will make every effort to make world-class design and quality Wallpaper Company.

What’s more, DAEWON Chemical has actively involved in the protection of environment through the ISO 14001 Environmental Management system and research for technology used in refining waste DMF. To protect environment, we will continuously invest and focus on environmental facilities.

I promise you DAEWON Chemical employee will continue to lead the way for customer-oriented company culture and seek to increase its recognition as a leader in its industry and maintain a world-class reputation for quality and value in the 21st century.

Thank you for your concern and support.


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